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Hey everyone! :wave:

Long time no see... my journal has been gathering dust in a corner for more than a year now, but since the rest of my page has done so at least for the last two months I might as well resurrect them all together. Yay! Well, in short: Life happened, with extreme force, and I loved it. Actually kind of weird to think back to the me somewhere in summer 2010.

Will it count as excuse if I list all my ongoing/planned projects?
Okay, I'm doing that anyway, if only for myself, so I can remember them. Therefore, in order of finished-ness (thought not in order in which they are going to be finished):

- A TARDIS bag. Nearly finished on that one, I just need to sew some things on by hand and then sew the lining in.
- A cardigan. I wanted to finish it in October, but I don't have enough yarn for the collar and they don't sell that brand any more. When I have a substitute though I'll be done really soon.
- A medieval dress made from scratch. Needs lots of embroidery still.
- A Doctor Who children's book/poem. Most of the poem is finished, I have sketches for the various pages and even one halfway finished.
- Illustrations to the Lay of Leithian, the story of Beren and Luthien. Illumination, actually. I've got several sketches and even tried the first page, but didn't like the layout then, so I didn't pursue it.
- An Yvaine (from Stardust) cosplay I'm working on with a friend. We don't manage to find time together though to actually sew the costumes.
- Christmas presents. Two ideas, lots more to come. Includes learning how to bind a book.
- My NaNoWriMo Novel. I hit the 50.000 words on Saturday, but I'm barely through the introduction....
- Various drawing projects ranging from the Children of Time portraits over Shakespeare bookmarks to trying the new Acrylics I got. I started with most of that and then laid it aside again.
- Learning Swedish. Started, stopped, started again, stopped again... I never got really far.
- Knitting a shawl that promises to look gorgeous. Still need a fitting yarn though, and whenever I search for some online I'm just overwhelmed by all those wonderful collections.
- Sewing a TARDIS plushie. I need something to hug during episodes. I should get some blue plush some time...
- Actually I wanted to do a Renaissance/Victorian dress as well.
- Oh, and a corset. I even asked at a local shop if they had whalebone, but I'm not totally happy with what they showed me. Also, the things with which you close them (the Victorian ones, the Renaissance looks entirely different) are really hard to find.
- finishing/rewatching oh so many series. Probably never going to finish this, there's too much good stuff around. Love to do it, though!

Yeah, I suppose, that's what comes to my mind without much thinking.
No, I don't think I'll be bored anytime soon.

Also, to make this infinitely more interesting, I've been tagged! :la: So here you go:

1 - You must post these rules (VERY Important )
2 - Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4 - You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5 - Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6 - No tag backs
7 - No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people.

10 things about myself:

It's probably going to be harder to find 10 things about me that don't include Doctor Who than "normal" facts, so I'm going to do exactly that. And I don't count this :D

1. The last two years of my life taught me more about life than most of the years before that together.
2. I'd love to do so many things (crafting, jewelry, digital drawing,.....) but after trying once I never really got hooked.
3. I can quote large parts out of my favourite books/films/series/etc., sometimes creeping out friends and family.
4. I'm really proud of my hair. Usually.
5. I still play Pokemon and enjoy every minute of it (okay, besides senseless leveling).
6. I dream very vividly nearly every night, but can remember almost never more than fragments.
7. My home city Munich will always have a place in my heart.
8. I tend to start lots of projects simultaneously and then take lots of time to finish them. See above. Also: I actually wanted to work on my NaNo today. Weeeelll....
9. I really like playing with words and reading stuff of people who did just that. E.g. Shakespeare.
10. I love historic dresses and society and would fill my whole wardrobe with bygone eras if my purse would allow it and I could wear them out in public. Actually, the latter one is not that important.... ;) Even better: live in the past.

:icongokkivangogh:'s questions:

1. How and when did you learn to draw/paint or whatever artistic liking you have?
I actually envied my brother rlyon and wanted to be just as good as him (still do :P). Must have been when I was.... gosh, about 12?

2. Why do you like/love doing this?
It's something I'm good at, it's relaxing, fun, it connects you to other people, you live out your creativity, you begin to see things differently,... so many reasons!

3. Where do you get inspiration from?
Dreams (weird fragments make interesting stories), books (though I don't do much original fanart), pictures here on dA and since I'm doing lots of portraits many many photographs (the times when I browse Jake Gyllenhaal or David Tennant for a whole day are quite enjoyable :drool:).

4. If you could be anything, what would it be and why?
Well, if it should be something like me I might be tumbleweed, if it were something I wanted to be either a cat or Companion to the Doctor :D
No, seriously, I'd love to own a little shop where I sell self-made (possibly geeky) crafts and (historic) dresses, where you can swap books and chat with like-minded people and sensibly argue with others, and I'd write freelance articles about things that interest me, or novels.
.... and for some reason a teapot comes to mind continuously.

5. How are things happening in your daily life affecting what you do as an artist?
I've got so much time on hand that I don't use it, basically. On the other hand it enables me to spent hours on one project if I want to, that's pretty awesome.

6. What is your favourite tool to use, and why?
The pencil. I know I haven't done much with it the last few months, but I still love how flexible it is, from very light to very dark, you can do the quickest sketches or the most amazing portraits with it, you don't need lots of preparation to use it (like watercolours or acylics), you can take it anywhere with you - I love it.

7. What skill would you wish you had, and why?
I'd love to be able to really start and finish a project without much distraction. It's sometimes unnerving even to myself that I find so many more interesting things when I look at one, and finishing is such a good feeling that it would be nice to experience it more often. :D

8. Who's your artistic idol, and why?
Alan Lee. Ever since I saw his work on the Lord of the Rings I've admired his technique, but even more so his imagination. It's just breathtaking what vision he has (and John Howe, too, but admittedly I like Alan Lee better).

9. How do you feel when showing something you've made to others?
I want to hear their honest opinion, but admittedly I'm proud of pretty much anything I show around, so I am extremely flattered if people like it. And then feel bad about that, because I don't want to boast. :)

10. Why are you on DA?
Because of the community, the opportunity to meet people from everywhere imaginable, get their feedback, and be inspired by their fantastic work. Because of the way people here work together and show each other so much love, even though usually they don't know them much.

Okay, so much for me, now my questions:

1. Have you ever had a phase where you didn't do art at all, and if yes, what brought you back? Not because of a block or lack of time, rather frustration or losing interest.
2. How did you find out about deviantart?
3. To what extent do you use references?
4. Have you ever tried doing something entirely out of your comfort zone (artistically)?
5. What is your opinion on Modern Art (sorry, really big question, but I'm genuinely interested)?
6. Has a single experience in your life changed you as an artist?
7. How much does being an artist define you in your own opinion?
8. Do you think that creativity can be forced and that it should be?
9. Do you feel that your personal style is still evolving or at a point where you would like to keep it the way it currently is?
10. What things have you tried (medium, style, motivation, etc.) that failed you or that you couldn't warm to?

Right, tagging time!
:iconvanyamelda: :iconaustinblan: :iconsejafin: :iconkimni: :iconsnurtz: :iconsakura-no-hana90: :iconrlyon: :iconangelride: :iconpbird12:  :iconziinyu:

But seriously.... I'll leave you to it if you want to do it, and if you don't, you don't. I kind of like those things, but  know enough people that don't.

And because this entry is already much too long I'll not add any more things. I wish you a lovely week and hope to see you/chat with you/hear from you/etc. soon!
  • Listening to: Juno OST
  • Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
  • Watching: various series
  • Playing: Magicka. BOOM!
  • Eating: lunch
  • Drinking: Roiboos tea


CND and Galdrasdottir
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a pencil artist, love my home city, the beautiful Munich, but want to see more of the world. I can be geeky, girly, silly, sarcastic, awkward, adventurous, mad and mature. I also like words.
Sometimes I feel like a granny beacuse I love to knit and crochet and bake, but then something makes me feel as happy as a four-year old with a lollipop - an episode of Doctor Who (which I adore), some inspirational image or a beautiful sunset.
Sometimes I give out random llamas or doodle weird fantastic creatures, listen to the rain or spontaneously bake cookies; because it's the small things that make life so good.
As part of this fabulous community I try to give people what I can - as admin at Traditional-Artists, Critic at tolkien, member of ProjectComment and simply as fellow artist and friend.



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